The processing of personal data used to make electronic payments for the educational services of the Romanian-American University

In regard to the possibility to make payments by bank cards, the Romanian-American University processes your personal data in collaboration with the partners, through which the payments will be made.

All the details regarding the processing of personal data displayed on the https:/ webpage are also applied to the processing of data necessary to make electronic payments. In addition, we would like to inform you the following:

The data collected for this type of processing includes, along with your identity data and the bank account from which the payment will be made, the payment details, which may sometimes contain your personal information, such as the study program you are attending or to be attended, the year of study, the type of examination whose equivalent value is paid, etc.), as well as the data of the bank card used to make the electronic payment.

The data is processed as follows:

The data described above will be transmitted through the payment platform to our partner, through which the payment will be made. The Romanian-American University will have access only to the identity data, the bank account from which the payment is made, as we have the legal obligation to include this information in the financial-accounting documents as well as the legitimate interest to identify the payee accurately and, naturally, the details of the payer, for whom the payments are made.

The partner, through which the payment will be made, will also process the data of the bank card, except for the security code, which will be used exclusively by the card issuer when the payment is validated. The payment processor will process your data only as an Operator Authorized by the Romanian-American University to process your data exclusively to make electronic payments. You can find more details about how our partners process your data on the information page of the payment processing platform, which presents the conditions for personal data processing.

Through the legal agreements concluded with our partners that manage the platforms, through which the electronic payments are made, they assumed, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the obligation to ensure at least the same conditions of data protection and security that the Romanian-American University undertook towards you, according to the information displayed on the webpage.

We remind you that you can exercise any of the rights provided by art. 15-21 of the GDPR (the right of access to data, the right to erasure of data, the right to restriction of processing, the right to data portability and the right to object), by requests using the contact details provided either on our website ( if your data is processed by the Romanian-American University, or on the webpages containing the details about the privacy policies (GDPR) of the payment processors, if your data is processed by them. If you consider that the way of accommodating these requests is not in accordance with the legal provisions, you can notify the A.N.P.D.C.P., according to the details presented on the website of this institution (